Investing in Climate Action


Australians produce around 499 million tons of CO2 per year*. More and more people are asking themselves how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Heating and cooling consume the most energy in a house and cause the most CO2. Since older windows are a real energy waster, there is a huge savings potential there.

Energy Loss

The greatest weakness in old windows is poor glazing with insufficient insulation (especially single glazing) and leaky window joints as well poor installation. This is where most of the energy is lost.


Windows have developed rapidly in recent years and are now real high-tech components of a building. Paarhammer windows, doors and front doors are very energy efficient and offer high soundproofing and security.


The advanced thermal insulation of modern windows is the decisive factor that speaks for a window replacement. With double or triple glazing, energy costs can be saved, and it helps to avoid CO2 for the lifetime of the building.

And not just in winter but also in summer, where rooms stay significantly cooler with a combination of energy efficient windows and possibly external sun protection.


At the same time, new windows are also worthwhile for aesthetic reasons. Especially large panoramic windows are becoming more and more popular because they use the sun to warm up the house and provide plenty of healthy daylight, thereby increasing quality of life. Large windows guarantee bright rooms all year round and add solar heat gain in winter.


Paarhammer manufacture 5 different window ranges, all made from certified timbers or timber with external aluminium cladding. About half the dry weight of a tree or wood product is carbon; one ton of carbon represents 3.67 tonnes of carbon dioxide. And carbon remains stored in the wood for the life of the piece of timber. Read the blog here:

Modern and heritage

All this togethers saves electricity and heating energy in winter and is a real contribution to climate protection. Paarhammer custom makes windows for new builds and renovations, modern or heritage.


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*2020 figure as per National Greenhouse Gas Inventory by the Australian Government, CSIRO

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