Aluminium Venetian Blinds for a sleek, modern home

Aluminium Venetian blinds are an increasingly popular choice in many homes – not only due to their styling but also their practical advantages

Aluminium Venetian blinds utilise the highly-functional styling of classic Venetian blinds, with either 25mm or 50mm blades that can be rotated to control varying levels of light and privacy within a room. Paired with the benefits of the material aluminium, these modern blinds can serve a wide range of applications.

We spoke with Half Price Blinds about where and why Aluminium Venetian blinds make a perfect fit for a range of rooms and design styles.

Great control over light and privacy

The style of Venetian blinds allows for easy control over the amount of light a room receives, as the slats can be adjusted very simply. For a completely unrestricted view, this style of modern blinds can be raised completely – stacking at the highest point of the window without blocking your view.

In weighing up privacy and light-filtering, it’s important to note that a better view tends to come with larger slats, but smaller slats, such as 25mm Venetian blinds, tend to provide better privacy and light filtering.

Functional and stylish

Aluminium is a highly versatile material that makes these Venetian blinds ideal for wet rooms of the home such as the bathroom, laundry or kitchen. Waterproof blinds made using aluminium are corrosion and rust-resistant, and they won’t warp or peel when exposed to moisture. Waterproof blinds are a great choice for the Australian climate. Because they are waterproof blinds, this style is also very low maintenance and easy to clean.

Finding a balance of style and function can sometimes be difficult in the home, however these modern blinds also come in a range of colours, from classic neutral shades to bright greens and reds. In many classic colours, this style suits a range of home decor schemes; including Industrial, Contemporary and Modern styling.

To replicate the sleek and striking appearance of shutters for a fraction of the cost, consider 50mm Venetian blinds. The large-size format works with all the same styles and makes a bold statement.

DIY Aluminium Blinds online: the easy way to update your home

Half Price Blinds offer DIY Aluminium Blinds online. They also offer a 10% price beat guarantee on comparable competitor’s products, with the option to order up to six free fabric samples online.

Made and manufactured in Australia, these blinds are super-simple to install by following the supplied DIY instructions. Buying aluminium Venetian blinds online offers an easy Do it Yourself option when it comes to window coverings.

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