We love... Alida and Miller

We love… Alida and Miller


Mother and daughter duo, Margaret and Kit Scholley, blend modern bohemia and retro quirk with vintage sophistication


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“Kit and I are able to do what we love and are passionate about every day. It’s very special bringing our clients’ ideas to life and seeing their joy when we have translated their vision into a reality.” When discussing what she loves about working in design, Margaret says, “We favour bright, fresh and bold colours. Kit’s style is eclectic, modern bohemian, industrial and retro, and I lean more towards vintage and that sophisticated, relaxed Byron Bay feel. We both like to take risks.”

Margaret got her beginnings in design when she started renovating homes with her husband about 25 years ago on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. “We would buy and flip our own homes and started to notice a great response from our peers, friends, tradesmen and builders. We were often asked who our interior designers are and could our homes be sold with all the furniture and knick-knacks that came with the house,” she says. Their first house sold without even being put on the market. “We ended up selling that home for a great profit — a couple knocked on the door and made us an offer we could not refuse.”

Margaret’s daughter, Kit, grew up surrounded by constant renovations. She spent years helping her mother style and stage their homes for sale so it was no surprise to Margaret when Kit opened her own styling company and online vintage store, Alida Buffalo, in 2008. After travelling the world to art direct fashion photo shoots and collect unique vintage pieces, Kit started being approached by people asking if she could style their home. “Kit was very flattered,” says Margaret. “Crossing over from fashion to interior design and joining forces gave us the idea for Alida and Miller.”

When it comes to inspiration, Margaret considers herself and her daughter fortunate to live in Byron Bay. “It’s a boiling pot for artisans, cultures and designers. Surrounded by the ocean and the hinterland behind, there is a never-ending source of textures and ideas we can draw from our surroundings,” she says. Travelling has also greatly influenced the pair, bringing an international flavour to their work — from the vibrant colours and patterns of Morocco to the old-world charm of Cuba and the industrial loft style of New York.

Alida and Miller prides itself on trying to be eco-friendly and sustainable in its designs, with the majority of furniture sourced from second-hand shops, salvage yards or retro and antique stores. “If it needs reupholstering we try to choose organic materials or vintage cloth and paint them with zero VOCs and non-toxic paints, and if bought new we try to buy pieces that have come from bamboo or plantation timber,” says Margaret. “Our cushion inserts are made from recycled water bottles and we always try to buy locally, keeping our carbon footprint small.” Design is a balancing act for the mother and daughter team. “Kit’s design style is more out there than mine, but her youthful exuberance and my more mature approach balance us out beautifully.”


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Written by Sean E, Britten

Originally from Home Design magazine Volume 17 Issue 4