High-Quality Handcrafted Cabinetry and Hardware


There is nothing quite like high-quality handcrafted cabinetry, and bespoke hardware can make all the difference.

When commissioning a project, most homeowners usually have a good idea of the look and feel they want for their home. The design might be inspired by nostalgia, travel, or simply revolve around lifestyle and practicality. Creating a collage of that vision in vivid detail is what Damian Harpantidis of Harp Furniture enjoys the most.

Understanding which elements of each design style are most evocative requires an expert’s knowledge and experience. Damian believes this aspect is one that is frequently overlooked by homeowners, and instead replaced with more convenient standard fittings and components. He chooses to take a different approach.

When recreating a European cottage-inspired space for Harp Furniture’s latest project, Damian incorporated classic features to attain authentic old-world charm. From traditional hand-crafted oak joinery, custom-made herringbone parquetry and weighted sash windows to rotary switches and handmade porcelain tiles, the kitchen features a myriad of intricate details reminiscent of a time long ago.

The integrated dishwasher and fridge have been concealed behind false fronts, which are adorned with bespoke handles and hinges Damian made by hand and cast in pewter. This is an option available through Harp Industries, a company Damian founded to offer customised hardware solutions and supply his patented Australian-made Cabiseal fittings. Cabiseal is industry recognised and recommended by Miele as a standard finish.

If this is the quality and service you feel your new project deserves, Harp Furniture and Harp Industries are the right fit for you.

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Damian from Harp Furniture has been helping clients achieve their dream spaces for over 20 years now. He uses age-old techniques including gold gilding, traditional carving and decorative wall finishes to create individual solutions for his clients’ specifications and styles.
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