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Interior designer Barbara Bromley has worked around the world on residential and commercial projects. Having trained in London and established her furniture and homewares store and design studio in Sydney, Barbara has more than 20 years experience in the industry. Here, she shares her thoughts on design trends for the future.

How has interior design changed over the years and what are some of the trends you expect to see in the future?
White-on-white is still a popular choice, but the white has changed from warm to a cooler, cleaner, crisper tone. Painting and faux finishing will continue to outweigh the use of wallpaper in interiors but wallpaper is still making its way back. Look towards an indigenous colour palette — such as burnt oranges, reds and soft pinks and greens — to complement the whites. It is taking reds and pinks to all-new levels.

What fabrics are making their mark in 2011?
Mixing up the colours and textures of fabrics will continue into 2011. A room filled with matching textures tends to be boring; instead, mix and match satins with furs and cottons with polyesters to keep things interesting. Incorporate florals with stripes. And there will always be a spot for leopard prints in your interior!

Has the shift to more sustainable housing affected interior design and what have you done to accommodate this?
Three areas of sustainable design that are evident for 2011 are ergonomic design, elder design and environmental — or green — design. Ergonomic design involves designing furniture and work spaces that emphasise good posture and minimise muscle strain on the body. Elder design involves planning interior spaces to aid in the movement of older people and those with disabilities. Green design involves selecting furniture and furnishings that are low in or free from toxic chemicals. It also means using construction methods and materials that are energy-efficient or made from renewable resources. Shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle has meant interior designers have had to change their mindset and think of alternative products to specify and different ways to implement heating, lighting and power, as well as how to recycle products such as furniture and furnishings, flooring, wallpaper and paints. It is pushing us to be more creative with the products and solutions we specify. What does luxury mean to you? Unlimited dollars to design my dream home … coastal, that is!

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