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Melbourne start-up CreativeCubes.Co has a brand-new home; a second co-working space sprawled over 1450-square metres in Melbourne’s inner suburb of Hawthorn.

Split into five core areas, the co-working space responds to today’s collaborative work methodologies, with a design that is operational, yet visually compelling and intuitive. Developed in collaboration with CreativeCubes.Co and direction of Corso Interior Architecture, CreativeCubes.Co has been built to meet the diverse needs of a range of small, medium and enterprise businesses.


Taking out the award for the Interior Design – Co-Working & Studio Space category in the 2019 Melbourne Design Awards, the project makes a statement with materiality and embraces its industrial bones, with original brickwork and concrete floors lending a modern-warehouse appeal to the office. Timber accents and potted greenery soften the aesthetic, bringing textural diversity to the co-working space.


Embracing an open-plan layout, CreativeCubes.Co resisted the urge to zone sections with walls and physical barriers. Instead, light and colour work to demarcate the office, creating visual segments that separate the different areas. Oversized windows keep common spaces bright with floods of natural lighting, while meditative areas and screening rooms are left purposefully dark. A palette of five primary colours work their way into LED strips and tonal finishes, colour blocking breakout spaces to provide an additional layer of segmentation.



A hub of multi-use and intersecting spaces, the whole office has been acoustically treated, allowing businesses to operate without any interruptions. The overall effect is immersive and inviting, ensuring optimal focus for the guest.
To accommodate the growing demands of the modern workplace, Corso Interior Architecture has left no stone unturned, factoring in the smallest of design details to improve the user experience within the space. For instance, the kitchen space comes equipped with a Zip HydroTap Classic in Matte Black, to provide on- demand boiling, chilled or sparkling water. In addition to this, they have also included a Zip HydroChill high-capacity sparkling water bottle refill system which instantly delivers high volumes of drinking water, making it suitable for a busy workplace. Speaking about their preference for Zip Water, Joey Corso, Director, Corso Interior Architecture says, “We chose the Zip HydroTap because we have only ever had positive feedback from our clients about them. We also loved that the tap could blend in discreetly and was finished in black as it fits in perfectly with our scheme.”


Currently, the co-working space has been divided to accommodate four individual businesses, yoga, the café, as well as the workstations/offices. CreativeCubes.Co also provides space for events like corporate meetings, presentations and product launches.

While the office space operationally meets the client’s brief, the design is centered around building a collaborative community within the workplace with the sole purpose of helping businesses expand and grow.

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