An insulation expert’s view


Mark Pohlner is part of the Bradford Insulation technical team that provides advice to homeowners on acoustic and thermal insulation.

Mark is in the process of Owner Building a new home and recently, he shared his views about the importance of insulation in achieving acoustic comfort:

“When it comes to the internal comfort of my home, I’m using Bradford SoundScreen acoustic insulation. Wherever I have a noisy room, like the bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, TV and living rooms, rumpus, etc, I’m going to be insulating those rooms off from my bedrooms by using SoundScreen acoustic insulation to screen out that sound that transfers through from those noisy spaces.

So noises from bathrooms like showering, drying your hair, brushing your teeth – sounds that you might be accustomed to – I’d rather build a home where you are not interrupted by that sort of noise while you’re trying to sleep.

In fact, I’m going to be insulating just about all the walls in my home to give it a whole-of-house comfort feel and I would say to you, if you’re building a house or renovating, by all means speak to your builder, speak to your architect or designer early on in the piece and get them to understand you’re looking for that comfort throughout the home and mention to them you want to use Bradford SoundScreen in the internal walls to make sure the house is as comfortable and as quiet as it can possibly be.”

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