modern loveseat

Modern metal: Wicked wire designs


Add colour and intrigue to your outdoor spaces with these wire designs


Nook Orange Stool

The vibrant orange of the Nook Iron Wire stool from BOYD BLUE provides a striking contrast to surrounding foliage.



modern loveseat

A modern take on the traditional love seat, the Hexagon bench from INSITU FURNITURE is available in blue, white, black, red, light green and dark green.

Insitu_Alieno Lounge Chair

Ideal for lounging in the sun, the Alieno lounge chair from INSITU FURNITURE has been moulded to provide the perfect angle for relaxing.


wire contemporary rocking chair

Suitable for any outdoor occasion, the Volley Rocker from TAIT will seat your guests in style and comfort.



Available in various shapes, sizes and designs, the Jak chair and Jil table from TAIT look fabulous together or apart.


wire modern table

With simplicity and utility in mind, Goldsworthy designed this steel bench, available from CULT. It has a sturdy steel frame and an exquisite aesthetic.


Sekitei - Black

Inspired by the winding curves created in the age-old Japanese art of raking sand, the Sekitei chair from CULT is minimalistic yet dramatic with its black finish. Also available in white.



Intriguing and diverse, the Family Chair range from SPACE FURNITURE has a chair to represent each member of the family. Made from steel, the chairs are elegant, lightweight and great for the outdoors.


Edited by / Karsha Green

Originally from Grand Designs Australia magazine 3.1