New range of encaustic tiles from Schots Home Emporium


Schots Home Emporium have released a new range of encaustic tiles that are simply stunning

In the 12th century the monastic potters of the Cistercian order developed the production of inlaid tiles. Five centuries later the Victorians and French rediscovered the techniques involved in producing encaustic tiles; adorning the corridors, entrance halls, bathrooms and service areas of well to do homes.

It is these beautiful homes that we take inspiration from with Schots’ range of encaustic tiles and boarders. Inspired by tradition and culture, captivating the senses and delivering a stunning visual, Schots Home Emporium’s new range of encaustic tiles mark the very pinnacle of beauty and style.

With a long history, popularised from the thirteenth through to the sixteenth century, then later in the Gothic Revival era of the 19th century, the traditional makings of an encaustic tile is today a sign of the resilience of master craftsmen and their trade, and Schots is proud to offer these signature tiles as part of an exclusive lineup.

Where traditionally a design is applied to a tile almost as an afterthought, the encaustic tile undergoes a very different journey in its creation.

From the first stage, the intricate design is established by the exacting hands of a craftsman, pouring a mineral pigment into a metal mould, before the cement base of the tile is poured in. After which, each tile is pressed under a ten tonne weight to permanently bond the mineral pigment to the cement biscuit.

Allowing for the colour to then be absorbed 2-3mm into the base tile, the impregnated design is then rested to cure for two days. This delivers a naturally matt, colour fast finish.

Where traditionally these tiles were constructed for use in cathedrals and churches, today these same stone tiles lay, after centuries of history, still presenting their unique and definitive designs and grandeur.

Borders, feature tiles and solid colours can be arranged in any number of ways, and formations can be arranged to create a decorative and lasting impression both indoors and out.

Historically proven as both durable and long lasting, these tiles can be easily cleaned with a simple soap solution. They can be left as their raw matt finish or treated and sealed with a stone or slate sealer prior to laying for a gloss effect.





Originally from Bathroom Yearbook magazine, Volume 17

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