Nover Introduces Smart Solutions to Organise your Pantry


True or false: when you open your pantry you feel at peace. If this statement is not quite ringing true, it’s time to invest in some pantry storage from PEKA.

This international brand is a market leader when it comes to organisation, with Australian company Nover recently introducing these smart solutions to the local market. And it’s not hard to see why. PEKA has a range of successful products that Australian consumers are falling in love with.

The PEKA PLENO PLUS is a modern organisation system that allows you to view all your pantry contents at once when opening the doors. With adjustable-height shelving, this unit really does make accessing your everyday items a breeze.

Another storage essential is the PEKA STANDARD LARDER PULL-OUT. These handy pull-out shelves ensure you can maximise every inch of space you have, with items able to be accessed from both sides of the unit to again offer greater convenience.

Yet it’s not just smart design that makes PEKA products so appealing. Both the PEKA PLENO PLUS and the PEKA STANDARD LARDER PULL-OUT are made from a high-quality metal that is durable and very easy to clean. These storage solutions suit any size kitchen and are able to be easily retrofitted or installed as a part of a new build.

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