REAL HOME: French countryside home


Take a look inside a relaxing and glamorous French countryside home designed by Kelly Hoppen.




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This spectacular French countryside home, designed by Kelly Hoppen and situated in France’s picturesque south, near Antibes, was a challenge for the celebrated British interior designer and entrepreneur known around the world for her iconic neutral style.

Her London-based client wanted a very classic home and had different tastes to Kelly. “The client was much more traditional than me and wanted something beautiful, but not too feminine in its overall look, as it is a place for the whole family,” says Kelly. “She also wanted a lot of colour, which I am not usually associated with. We overcame these challenges together; the client was wonderful to work with, knew exactly what she wanted, and had many ideas.”

The job mainly involved the soft furnishings, but there was also some building work done in the kitchen and on the floors. As with all of her projects, Kelly started with a neutral base and then built on this with accents of colour in each room, using stunning fabrics, art, and star pieces of furniture such as the pink Moissonnier table in the entrance hall. “The client wanted colour in every room so this was something I really had to take into consideration when designing the interior,” says Kelly.

She took her inspiration from the scenic surrounding environment. “It is always a big part of my inspiration when I am working abroad,” says Kelly. “I wanted to try to use as many natural, organic materials as possible so I incorporated lots of linen, distressed wood, and lightweight sheer curtains to allow the light in.

“It is now a very homely and relaxing villa without being fussy. It is the perfect place for a family break, but also where family and friends can come together due to the beautiful outdoor area, perfect for this climate. I really love the outdoor space and also the entrance hall and living room. It was a great project to work on as the client and I worked extremely well together and really bounced ideas off each other.”

The stunning outdoor area has been designed to be a space where families and friends can enjoy food and conversation around the beautiful Heveningham dining table, while relishing the spectacular views from the terrace. The light linen fabrics used for the cushions contribute to the relaxed feel, while the ornate Guadarte chandeliers add a touch of glamour.

The eye-catching pink Moissonnier table at the centre and pink velvet borders on the curtains make the entrance hall a truly unique space and quite different to anything Kelly has designed before. The client’s favourite colour is pink so Kelly has undoubtedly remained loyal to the brief. A Birgit Israel chandelier hangs elegantly over the table and the floor-to-ceiling windows naturally light up the room beautifully.


Living room design details

Kelly has elegantly designed the living room with an Andrew Martin sofa and striking black chairs from Collection Pierre. The collection of black IPE Cavalli coffee tables in the centre of the room is complemented by the dramatic black and white accessories and the beautiful black and white Birgit Israel lamps. Here, Kelly decided to stick with her neutral colour palette as she felt the formal living spaces should be more neutral areas where the family members and their individual tastes come together in a harmonious way.

Dining room design details

In the dining room, the La Fibule armchairs undoubtedly contribute to a relaxed dining experience, while the beautiful sconce from DK Home and the candlesticks from the Kelly Hoppen store create a glamorous atmosphere. The black B/K honed slate used on the work surfaces and island provide a functional space to cook, as well as making the kitchen boldly attractive.

Bedroom design details

The elegantly designed master bedroom includes everything the client wished for. The beautiful green on the Meridiani bed is set off by the natural light flooding through the windows and can also be seen on the Kelly Hoppen cushions which sit on top of the Guadarte chairs. The sumptuous Jimmie Martin bed is the focal point of guest room three and the ornate detailing on the headboard seems to merge with the beautiful stencil of a flower on the wall above it.



By Danielle Townsend
From Luxury Home Design magazine Vol. 15 No. 6