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Want to come home to beautiful rooms that reflect your style and taste? This can be possible thanks to Easycraft.

When building or renovating a home it’s important to focus on the bigger picture. Updating bland walls and ceilings is a great way to personalise a home, but there is more to creating engaging spaces than just adding paint or paper. Wall panels are an effective way to add texture and create an instant impact on a room.

Pioneering wall panel products since the late ’80s, Australian manufacturer Easycraft is at the forefront of modern design. The company specialises in wall and ceiling products that can help you create a particular look, and the process is easier than you think!

Easycraft’s range of innovative products offer unique alternatives to the current finishes of solid plaster, plasterboard lining and timber planks. The wall panels are also an appealing alternative thanks to their clean, crisp lines and hardwearing qualities. The endless possibilities of Easycraft products can help you to create and enhance beautiful spaces with ease – turning walls into outstanding features, transforming complete rooms, and making ceilings stand out.

A key feature of the Easycraft range is their ease of installation. The products are designed to help avoid drawn out renovations and are made from timber-based moisture resistant MDF, a popular material thanks to its strength, durability and ease to work with.

Each panel of the Easycraft range includes an Easyjoin system, which can be installed in less than half the time of traditional tongue and groove boards. The easy installation system enables even a DIY home renovator to transform a room in a weekend. The panels also come pre-coated with a commercial grade primer so you only need one final paint coat.

With ease of installation comes lower costs. Requiring no plastering or priming, and minimal sanding you can install Easycraft paneling throughout an entire room at a fraction of the cost of traditional linings. Our decorative linings also boast 300% more impact resistance compared to plasterboard, making them perfect for high activity areas.

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