Cabinet and Furniture Lighting

The Next Generation of Cabinet and Furniture Lighting


The next generation of cabinet and furniture lighting is here with Domus Line’s flexible LED lighting strips that offer Italian design sensibilities along with unparalleled usability and streamlined functionality.

The Flexyled AT6 and SEH4 silicone lighting strips differ from other LED lighting solutions as they are usable on curved surfaces and sharp corners, unlike traditional lighting strips that can only be used on straight surfaces. The superior design allows these strips to be installed easily with minimal components required, giving a sleek appearance free of unsightly plastic or aluminium profiling, adhesive or mounting clips.

The soft natural white light emitted adds a luxurious feel and interesting detailing that only decorative lighting can offer, elevating even the simplest designs from standard to stand out. Perfectly flush and flexible, Domus Line’s silicone lighting solutions are perfect for a wide range of applications limited only by your imagination.

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