Lift Modernisation

Lift Modernisation
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Upgrade your lifts & Escalators to improve Safety, Reliability, Performance, Presentation & Save Energy.

Lift modernisation lift home elevator liftronic

Liftronic offer modernisation packages for existing lifts ranging from new lift car interiors or operating panels through to complete control systems all tailored to meet your requirements and budgets. Lifts are a vital part of your homes infrastructure. After your existing installation has reliably serviced you for many years, you may wish to modernise it to meet your changing needs and/or your architectural aesthetics. Liftronic provides you with a variety of options to upgrade your lift installation from car refurbishment to a full control system, or even a full rip out and replace.

Your Elevator is a valuable asset, which requires ongoing maintenance and refurbishment. Liftronic offers you cost-effective solutions to upgrade or replace your lift.


Benefits of Modernising your Vertical Transport

• Performance: Move passengers throughout your building with speed, safety and efficiency
• Safety: The safety of your passengers is every building owners highest priority. Allow our team of experts to guide you through the maze of legislative requirements
• Aesthetics & Appointments: Enhance the presentation and compliance of the lifts in your building to suit your individual needs.

 Lift modernisation lift home elevator liftronic Lift modernisation lift home elevator liftronic Lift modernisation lift home elevator liftronic

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