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This home works wonders by making the most of, and showing off all possible surfaces. The award winning design by Richard Cardy Design perfectly showcases the Staron surfaces in a colourful and futuristic way

“In the initial client brief, the homeowner expressed a love for curves and colour. The surfaces that would be used had to create show pieces throughout the home. Starting with the kitchen benchtop, I selected Staron® solid surfaces. Staron® provided design freedom to create something unique. An open 100mm-thick thermoformed curved island unit was created and is the stand-out feature piece as you enter the open-plan kitchen space. The Staron® solid surface on the island continues in one monolithic surface and flows into double Staron® integrated sinks. I designed an office desk that features a large ceiling-to-floor Staron® pole through the centre of it, creating a futuristic and contemporary feel to the space that is featured within the living area adjacent to the kitchen. The desk features Staron® Quasar White with an inlay of California Poppy for a pop of vivid colour. Continuing with the curved theme, I designed a Staron® dining table using the same colours and surface so it complements the entire open-plan kitchen-dining area. Staron® was also extended into the bathroom, with five thermoformed vanity units and custom-made vanity basins. The vanity units really create an art-like feature to the space, while creating a calm and tranquil bathroom that the owners can enjoy.”

Designer: Richard Cardy, Richard Cardy Design, Staron® Design Award Winner

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Originally from Kitchens Yearbook, Volume 17

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