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Are you busy planning your new kitchen? Perhaps you are just looking for a kitchen upgrade and are in desperate need of more storage. Have a look at how your kitchen space is currently used. Do you have many tall and overhead cabinets? What’s in your kitchen corner?

Start planning your kitchen by writing a list of things you really want, or create a board on Pinterest that helps you putting your ideas into vision. While we are certain that your list will have endless wishes on it, we encourage our customers to check how they use their kitchen and what they really need. This is especially helpful when you need to make sure you keep your plans within a budget. There are so many great products out there worth putting in your kitchen that it can be hard to cut through the noise.

Don’t forget, your kitchen needs to be a functional space. The kitchen in your home is much more than just a cooking space. It’s a mixture of cooking, cleaning, storage and of course a place where people gather for a cuppa. If you have a family and children, a kitchen island might be the best integration of your kitchen where the kids can do their homework. Don’t underestimate the socialising aspect of your kitchen.

We briefly mentioned the storage aspect which really is the most important focus for us to help you. Anyone can design a beautiful kitchen, but not everyone thinks about functionality. However, functionality will be key to keeping you happy with your kitchen for years to come. At Häfele, we want to provide you with storage solutions that are innovative, clever and most importantly functional. With over 96 years’ experience, we are experts when it comes to functionality.

Transform your tall cabinets into a pull-out pantry and access everything in it from more than one side. No need to rummage around your shelves anymore. Keep everything organised and have a dedicated place for your items. The shelves up the very top are no longer a burden to reach with our easy pull-down shelf: iMove. This ensures you can use the full height of your room without the need of a step stool always in reach.

Do you have a lot of drawers or simple shelves in your base cabinets? We love pull-out systems at Häfele. It makes storage so much easier. Combined with the right drawers you are equipped for the kitchen of your dreams. While functionality is our key message, we don’t like to choose between design and functionality. This is why our solutions combine functionality with design rather than compromise on one of the two.

Talking about functionality… We know you will love our corner storage solutions. Kitchen corners often are overflowing and accessing items stored in the far back is a challenge and usually results in an even bigger mess. Whether you like a nice pull-out system like the LeMans II or Magic Corner, or prefer a carousel for your kitchen corner. Check out our website to see all options. The best thing is that even if you’re not planning to redo your whole kitchen, most of our storage solutions can be retrofitted.

A broad range of our products can be found and shopped on or you can also find the nearest Häfele partner to you via our Studio Locator – (

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Stylish sinks for Australian homes

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This collection has always been synonymous with innovation and functionality. Now Häfele is offering an extended assortment of superior finishes within the collection. The StarTec Designer Series will now boast 5 superb finishes to choose from: Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Satin Brass, Antique Brass and Graphite Black.
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Upgrade your Home Office

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Häfele have some fantastic-innovative overhead storage solutions, which can modernise and maximise kitchen cupboard functionality by transforming a conventional cabinet unit into an ergonomic storage system.
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