Designer Profile: Graham Wilson (Smart Joinery)
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Long-term loyalty, custom design and in-house manufacturing — the team at Smart Joinery are serious about what they do, and it makes all the difference!

Boasting more than 40 years of combined experience within the design team, Smart Joinery’s talented staff members really know their stuff. Company directors Graham Wilson and Josh Anderson are proud that their small team of employees have been involved in the company long-term — they believe this loyal, close-knit group is a big part of the reason why Smart Joinery is able to guarantee the highest quality and service for every project, as they have done since 2006.

A new kitchen is a huge investment, and Graham understands the clients want a space that will stay contemporary and functional for many years. This is why high-quality work is of the utmost importance to Graham and his team. They take pride in cutting with the latest computerised machinery, and using pre-milling edge banding for the cleanest of edges. They also only use Blum hardware to ensure the highest quality and peace of mind. Smart Joinery aims to create a seamless look with minimal lines wherever possible to ensure their kitchens look modern and aesthetically appealing. “Mitring all our external end panels to the faces is the unknown factor behind our clean designs,” says Graham when discussing the secret behind the stunning spaces built by Smart Joinery. “This also allows for continuous grain in our horizontal timber joinery.

“We place importance on educating our clients on work zones, flow, useable space and practicality in every area of the home while trying to get an understanding of how they work and live in order to apply these aspects to their project,” Graham adds when asked about the company’s approach to keeping their clients engaged during the design process. “This makes every task more enjoyable for them to undertake.”

All their clients love being part of the process and are always impressed with the calibre of the company’s work. “With the desire to make our joinery look cleaner and sharper each time, we’re experimenting and changing methods on every project to create the ultimate look in seamless cabinetry. With the modern hardware allowing our mitred edges to be applied to every angle, this has opened a whole new world of possibility to our designs, with distinction,” continues Graham.

When asked his opinion on trends for the upcoming year, Graham says there’s one in particular he is certain of due to the great response it received in 2018: mitred edges. “I also believe we will see a lot more natural stones and marbles coming through,” he says. “Porcelain will continue to grow since the introduction of shallow cupped hinges, allowing 10mm and 13mm fronts to complement this sleek look.”

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