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Having a single person design, schedule and manage the renovation of your entire home definitely has its advantages. “It’s all about building relationships,” says Carla Waghorn, co-owner of Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms. “When you work so closely with clients, you really get to know what they want, and working on each aspect of the project from start to finish, you get to make sure they actually get what they want.”

“When I was young my family was always building, renovating, creating — I loved it,” she adds. Since taking on the business six years ago, Carla, along with her husband and business partner Craig, have almost tripled the size of Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms, and turned it into a genuine renovation business that tackles projects beyond just kitchens and bathrooms. “So many of our projects now are multiple rooms. We’re designing and building everything from living and outdoor areas with custom made furniture to kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and almost any other room in the house,” she says.

“The advantages of keeping entire renovation projects within one company are huge. Not only are you working with the one person on a unified vision of your finished project, but because we organise the whole thing from start to  finish, we can also get it done much quicker.”

Integrated scheduling means there aren’t any clashes between the different tradespeople. Projects proceed to a well-planned timeline, progressing step by step without any time wasted between one point of the job and
the next. Craig says having such a close-knit, reliable team of tradespeople has made all the difference and meant each job goes much more smoothly. “Quite often the guys will call and help each other out, making sure the job will be ready for the next person to come in, which is quite rare in this industry,” she says.

“Clients have definitely noticed it. We’re always getting comments about how good our tradespeople are and how well everyone communicates with each other and the client. It helps build a relationship of respect all round and drastically reduces any potential problems as we have an even bigger experience pool to draw on.” “We work with clients and they work with us to make sure every job is done exactly to specification,” says Carla. “And it’s a formula that is proving itself time after time. So many of our clients now are repeat customers or friends of clients. They see our work, and they see the way that we work, and they trust us. They trust we’ll do the right thing, give them the product that they want, in the time frame they need it, and to a higher standard.”


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Originally from Kitchen Yearbook Volume 16

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