Evolution Series

Save space, eliminate waste


The InSinkErator Evolution Series is a more hygienic and convenient approach to waste management.

Imagine you have just finished preparing your evening meal. You collect all the vegetable peelings, meat trimmings and balance them precariously on the chopping board while trying to pry open the kitchen bin. Food is dropped, sauce is spilled and the bin is broken.

Today’s Evolution Series Food Waste Disposer has come a long way from the days of a roaring food waste disposer beneath the sink. The InSinkErator Evolution Series is a more hygienic and convenient approach to waste management. The process is simple, food scraps are swept into the sink and with the flick of a switch and turn of a tap they are ground and flushed without blades through to a waste water treatment plant.

The InSinkErator Evolution Series is designed to cope with a range of different food wastes. It can easily eliminate food conveniently and quietly at the point of preparation, saving you time and effort.

Myth Busting:

Technology has come a long way since the invention of disposers in the 80’s. The InSinkErator Evolution Series offer multiple benefits for the modern home.

Food waste disposers are noisy – The InSinkErator Evolution Series features Quiet Collar Sink Baffle®. The baffle design reduces the amount of noise that may come up from the sink opening. It also features an Anti-Vibration Mount® which insulates the disposer in a cushion of rubber, majorly reducing any noise from the disposer to the sink.

No blades in sight – The InSinkErator Evolution Series has a Tri-Action Lug System®. The swivel lugs work with the grind shear ring to perform the first and second stages of grinding. Fixed lugs act like a hammer helping to break down the food and grind particles finer than the swivel lugs.

Never empty a bin again – An InSinkErator Evolution Series Waste disposer fits to your existing plumbing under your kitchen sink. You can wave goodbye to emptying a waste bin!

What can an InSinkErator Evolution Series grind? The Evolution Series disposers are best suited for the disposal of fruit and veggie scraps, bones, seafood, meat products, dairy and coffee grounds.

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