Why Made in the Shade Umbrellas should cover you


Made In the Shade specialise in the manufacturing of classically designed timber, centre poled market umbrellas.

All Made in the Shade products are manufactured from Australian sustainable timber whilst also being handcrafted locally in Seaford, Victoria. All of their products are developed to a very particular and exacting standards.


One thing which makes Made in the Shade stand-out compared to their competitors is the fact that each and every umbrella is made to order. This allows the homeowners to select and alter everything from the shape & size of their umbrella to the colour. With this service, it allows all clients to get the exact umbrella they want to suit their outdoor living space whilst also providing the protection necessary from the hot Australian sun.

Made in the Shade understand their umbrellas can cop a beating throughout the year. Due to this they offer a full refurbishment service at any stage. Whether it is cleaning or repair this can be easily arranged and completed to the same exacting standards as the original manufacturing process.

Made in the Shade has been manufacturing handcrafted umbrellas for four decades now. This has allowed them to amass a substantial amount of experience and skills within the company, whether it be engineers or carpenters with many of them staying at the company for decades.



Made in the Shade manufacture all their umbrellas in Australia from the concept stage to the final development using entirely Australian products. They support other local small businesses which keeps all the profits within Australia!

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