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Bathrooms have come a long way from a room of necessity that made its way from the out-house to the in-house.

A lot of thought is given to a designer bathroom project for consideration of colours, textures, fixtures, fittings, lighting, layout, storage, ventilation, and surfaces.

Although often one of the smaller rooms in many homes, the bathroom caters to a lot of activity. No longer just a room to pop in and out, there is lots of time spent hanging out in the bathroom. Selecting the right surfaces can make all the difference to time spent cleaning and pampering yourself there or cleaning your bathroom.

Staron Solid Surface is the ultimate performer in these wet spaces. Unaffected by water damage and with the ability to be joined seamlessly, eliminating the need for silicon, results in a very easy to clean and maintain bathroom.

The ability to customise Staron Solid Surface gives greater design flexibility within the bathroom. Don’t just think benchtops; other applications available are custom vanities, or integrated Staron basins into the Staron benchtop for one continuous seam-free vanity unit. Bathtub surrounds and seating that can flow into the shower as well as shelves, and for more, wow, you can curve it!

Consider Staron Solid Surface instead of tiles for wall panelling; select a design from our Mario Romano Walls range that can be caved and customised to suite your application. Additionally, Staron is a great option for various flooring, step-ups, and shower trays. Door and drawer fronts can be manufactured, even towel rails.

With so many applications all available in one product, there is something for everyone’s project.

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