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If you’re looking for an award-winning design team that can work on your project from start to finish, you need ThinkDzine.

This interior solutions company does it all, from custom joinery and furniture design to full-scale home renovations.

“I love interacting with people from all walks of life and finding creative solutions for people’s homes,” says Dean Welsh from ThinkDzine. “I get excited by creating a good design concept and pushing the boundaries of what most people would see as ‘normal’.”

Dean and his team truly can create outside of the box to bring your dream kitchen to life. Back in 2020, he worked on a kitchen in Redfern using lacquered pink door faces, stainless-steel bronze-painted drawer fronts and a green marble benchtop with a 230mm-high apron around the island. “It was very unique, and the client was over the moon with the result,” says Dean.

While some clients come to him with strong visions such as this, others are more open to suggestions. If that sounds like you, Dean recommends finessing your style concepts in several key areas. “Write a shortlist of the things that are not negotiable and what you really do want to get out of the space. If you’ve seen images of things you like, make sure you create a collection so we can see what inspires you, such as colours or materials and textures.”

In addition, Dean recommends you have an idea of your approximate budget as well as your timeframes and when you would like to start before you begin the renovation or build.

Many of us have limited space in the kitchen. Dean and the ThinkDzine team have a host of great ideas to maximise your room’s footprint. “When I design small kitchens, I try to make doors and drawers bigger rather than smaller because it gives the illusion of a bigger space,” says Dean.

“I generally tell people not to do traditional-style kitchens in small spaces because there are too many vertical lines. You should consider having smaller appliances or multi-function appliances too, such as a combination oven/microwave or steamer/oven.”

Dean also recommends using an electric cooktop in a small kitchen so you have a flat surface that can be utilised in other ways when you’re not heating things on the stove.

The ThinkDzine team always have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest in design trends. “My predictions for this year’s top trends are more metal-lacquered finishes for vertical surfaces such as joinery doors in kitchens and living room furniture,” Dean says. “There’s also going to be more colour selections in scratch-resistant surfaces for benchtops and joinery. I think there are going to be more deep tones such as blues and greens, and more coloured terrazzo stone looks.

“There will be a lot more sheet porcelain-based materials being used for splashbacks and cladding on walls. I also think there will be a trend towards streamlined handles and a move away from the handle-less look.”

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