Product spotlight: Huwil kitchen fittings from Häfele

Product spotlight: Huwil kitchen fittings from Häfele
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Häfele have perfected the art of moment with their 

Huwil overhead flap fittings.

kitchen fittings 

All the fittings in the Huwil range by Häfele are easy-to-open, silent and smooth to operate, offer sophisticated design and allow the kitchen user to utilise high wall cupboard storage space. The Senso bi-folding lift-up fitting for two door flaps folds in the centre when opening.

The door can be adjusted to individual heights, remains easy to reach in any desired position and closes smoothly and silently, thanks to Huwil’s soft-close mechanism. The Verso swing-up flap fitting is great for overhead cabinets with larger fronts, as the door swings up and over the cabinet. If the cabinet has a cornice or moulding, the door will swing up and over. As with all Huwil overheads, the door stops in the desired position and closes smoothly and quietly.

The Strato Parallel lift-up front fitting for single fronts lifts parallel to the cabinet. This is ideal for wall cabinets that have cabinets above. The Strato is great for concealing microwaves and appliances. As with other lifts from Huwil, the Strato can be stopped at any desired position, making it easy to open and close. All three overhead fittings are available as electronic versions.

The E-Senso, E-Verso and E-Strato offer electric opening and closing and include a programmable push button, which allows the user to set the stopping point of the door. The button can be installed in the bottom of the cabinet out of sight. The mechanism simply kick-starts the movement and the gas struts do the rest, saving energy and money without compromising stability. The button may also be programmed to open several door flaps at once; an ideal solution for commercial kitchens. All lift-up fittings from Huwil are silver-grey in colour and suitable for both aluminium-framed and timber doors from 350–900mm wide and up to 24.5kg in weight. With built-in soft-close fittings, you can be guaranteed that the cabinet doors operate smoothly and quietly.

Häfele Australia Pty. Ltd.
8 Monterey Road Dandenong, Victoria, 3175.


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