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Crisp lines and vibrant colours have given this kitchen a new lease on life

Before the renovations, the homeowners found themselves in a congested kitchen where they were always in each other’s way. There never seemed to be enough space or light and the colours were drab and dark; the kitchen had long
lost its life and vibrancy. This is when the clients turned to Susan Garsden from Garsden & Clarke Kitchens & Interiors for a chance to bring renewed life to a kitchen no one wanted to spend time in. The brief was to incorporate storage that was easily accessible in a kitchen that was light and full of fresh colours. The owners also wanted to move the dining area so the kitchen could be spread out and spacious.
Changing the position of the kitchen in order to make the space larger was a consideration that Susan had to make when designing the client’s dream room. A spacious island bench was placed strategically so that it would give the owners plenty of work space and also look out at the views of their beautiful gardens.
Aside from the relaxing views, a sense of freshness was maintained by using crisp, clean lines and lots of drawers to keep the benchtops tidy and ensure everything has its own place. A study area/small home office was included
close to the kitchen, making it perfect for supervising homework while preparing dinner. The result is a bright kitchen that exudes vibrancy and life. Practicality and functionality have been well incorporated, while area has been used efficiently.

Designer: Susan Garsden for Garsden & Clarke

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 18 Volume 1

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