Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Kitchen this Summer


2018 has seen a boom in home design that incorporates a flow between the indoors and outdoors. Outdoor kitchen installation is at an all-time high, with a little help from favourite TV shows such as ‘My House Rules’ and ‘The Block’. But how do you make the most of it, ensuring it’ll provide the convenience of a full kitchen from your deck, patio or balcony?

Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Kitchen this Summer

Dan Bruce, owner and designer of SustainaPod by Verdelife Outdoor kitchen cabinetry, says the most important factors of a stylish yet functional outdoor setting are often overlooked.

“Many of those in the market for an outdoor kitchen forget about how much space and storage you need to prepare and serve good food for a crowd,” Dan says. He also explain. that extra benchtop or drawer space can often make all the difference.

“While working within the space you’ve got, you want to maximise your functionality and storage so you don’t have to keep running back indoors. It defeats the purpose of having an extra kitchen added to your outdoor space”.

Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Kitchen this Summer

With room to store your produce, cookbooks, utensils, cutlery, condiments and more, cooking on a well-designed outdoor kitchen will leave you with less reason to make a mad dash indoors. And more time to enjoy your guests’ company.

SustainaPod by VerdeLife design fully customisable and modular outdoor kitchen cabinetry with purpose. With the ability to turn your Weber Sit On or Built In barbecue into a fully functional outdoor kitchen – complete with bar fridge, sink and storage – look no further than SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchens.

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