Building a new Queenslander in Hamilton NQ



Emigrating from the UK and building a new Queenslander

Would you trust the design and construction of your new home to a company while you lived in the UK? If I told you that Garth Chapman Queenslanders designed a home in tropical North QLD, arranged construction, the home then won an HIA award for Custom Built Home, and the client also provided a very positive review, would that place Garth Chapman Queenslanders on your short list of builders that you would trust to design/build your dream? Well, here is the story of J & J Wootten.

John & Joanne dreamed of emigrating from England, finding a plot of land, and building their dream Queenslander… a Garth Chapman Queenslander. They were visiting from England, looking for suitable land in North Queenslander for their “Dream Queenslander”. Whilst here they found two adjoining vacant blocks, or “plots” in their lingo, and phoned Garth Chapman Queenslanders to see if we could advise them on the land’s suitability. By serendipity, Lance Clark, the Director of the regional homes division of Garth Chapman Queenslanders, happened to be in Port Douglas on a trip inspecting other recently built Queenslanders in the north, and agreed to meet with them.

The land was beautiful and featured a lovely mountain backdrop to frame their vision perfectly. The plan was to build a family home first and then a second home on the adjoining block to be a wedding reception centre.


Designing a new home to be built is a process that requires professional input and enormous consideration to get it right. Designing a new home and a wedding reception centre for clients who had flown back to the UK is a challenge few building companies would be able to manage successfully. Doing this effectively, on time, on budget, and with the high-quality construction and finishes that we are renowned for reinforces the professionalism and integrity that comes with Garth Chapman Queenslanders.

The entry to a home is an important feature that is lost in many modern homes as they seek to reduce costs. A grand wide entry with timber archway like this one creates a great first impression that is warm and inviting.


The Kitchen of course is the heart of many homes and this one is no exception. A classic mix of traditional and Hamptons’ style influences this large space that will entertain with ease and provide hours of talking points. The pictures above say it all.


The home has the requisite number of bedrooms befitting a home of this stature. Timber floors throughout are a beautiful finish, especially in the tropical environment. What a magnificent bed!

One of the primary reasons Queenslanders have always been built off the ground is so that inhabitants could sit underneath them to gain respite from the heat during the hotter months. In tropical NQ this is especially so. So, it wasn’t surprising when the design brief included creating a space under the home that could be used for casual entertaining.


This absolutely gorgeous pool is just so inviting. Located in close proximity to entertaining areas, many a warm day will be spent in or beside this pool.


The resort style landscaping gives the feel you are on a tropical island. What is that in the distance? … well why have one Garth Chapman Queenslander when you can have two! As I mentioned in the beginning the owners also bought the adjacent block and then designed and built a second home. It is a fully functioning home but the plan was to use it as part of a wedding reception centre.

And similar themes were followed in the second home….

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