Step-by-step: a look at building your dream home


A construction company with 20 years experience lets us in on the process that goes into building your dream home

Complete Home spoke to Roselea Homes, a constuction company with decades of experience, about what exactly goes into building a home. They ran us through the process, so you know what to expect when embarking on the exciting journey of building a home on your land!

Step one: site inspection and consultation

To start with, one of the experienced sales executives at Roselea Homes will sit down with you to discuss your budget and the best position for the home chosen on your land.

This is followed up by an inspection of your site in preparation of a comprehensive quote. Some sites that already have an existing dwelling also require a contour survey.

As discussed at the time of the initial consultation, if your site is vacant the site inspection is free, but if there is an existing dwelling then a site inspection fee applies.

Step 2: Quotation and planning

Roselea Homes’s sales executive will then contact you and make an appointment to present the quotation. If you accept the qutie, then the acceptance form is completed and the acceptance fee paid. The process takes its next step with the drawing up of plans for your approval!

Step 3: your building contract

At this stage you will enter into the HIA Building Contract with Roselea Homes. If you have paid a site inspection fee, then this amount will be credited to your contract. Once the appropriate documents are signed your application for approval will be submitted to the appropriate authorites for approval.

Step 4: finalisation of paperwork and approvals

Whilst your plans await approval, a colour selection appointment takes place with one of Roselea’s experienced consultants. Once all the approvals have been completed Roselea then prepares the quotation for construction, a document that will expand on your original quotation that was signed as part of the HIA Contract and will include any changes or variations that have been made.

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