Easy To Maintain Weatherboard


Enjoy the look of weatherboard without the maintenance

Everyone loves the look of a freshly painted weatherboard home. Whether you’re going for a traditional or modern external appearance, you can achieve it with Formplex weatherboards. Offering a maintenance-free option, these stunning weatherboards are stylish, highly durable and suitable for a wide range of home designs.

Since 1981, Formplex has been providing Australian homes with durable maintenance-free uPVC weatherboards. The ever-increasing demand for weatherboard facades, lately fuelled by the increased popularity of Hamptons-style homes, has made Formplex the first choice for savvy homeowners who want an exterior that is appealing but without the costs involved in preserving a timber facade.

Whether you’re building a new home, refurbishing a non-brick home, adding an extension, or just wanting to enhance the street appeal of your existing home, Formplex offers an Australian-made weatherboard designed to withstand our harsh climate while retaining the iconic look of timber. uPVC is renowned as a durable lightweight external cladding material. It is also known for its insulation properties and providing the highest level of thermal comfort.

The colour of external cladding influences its capacity to absorb or reflect heat. In most climates, it is preferable to use lighter colours or reflective finishes. Formplex colours are aesthetically pleasing and UV-stable. You can use non-weatherboard elements on the outside of the home to add colour contrast or use contrasting trim work.

The primary role of cladding is to control the infiltration of rain and other elements and the egress of water vapour. Other roles include sound and thermal insulation, fire resistance, and the capacity for easy cleaning in dusty, polluted environments.

The bottom line? Formplex weatherboards are perfect for turning tired non-brick homes into fresh-looking painted weatherboard-clad abodes. The boards are also ideal for use in facades that feature more than one material, such as stone columns or rendered sections. Being lightweight, Formplex boards are also perfect for upper-storey construction.


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