Slate Turkey House

A holiday escape with a dash of Middle Eastern flair


Perched on the peninsula of Turkey, the quaint city of Bodrum is perhaps one of the least likely places you’d discover the influences of big cities. But the Y House from Ofist is a melting pot of modern style that’s a worthy competitor to the water views and endless blue sky the region boasts.

For designers Yasemin Arpac and Sebahattin Emir, their design vision revolved around establishing balance, with the duo seeking to “create a house that was harmonious with the local culture and geographical context”. Located within the Mandarin Oriental in Bodrum, the Y House is unique to the residences and embraces local and international influences. These contribute to the homely nature of the property and mark it as an ideal getaway complete with the comforts you would find in your own residence.

Natural and raw materials play a big role in this space, with a gargantuan slate wall making its presence felt within the house. This daring theme is continued outside, with the extensive use of grey slate on the exterior.

Using slate so heavily is a bold design choice and Ofist worked closely with the clients, who are professionals within the fashion industry. “With just one mood board they had prepared, we knew what they had in mind and their expectations,” says the design team. “During the design process, it was interesting to feel the difference between fast-consuming fashion design and architectural design. It was exciting to connect the trendy pieces, colours and ideas with our more settled approach.”

The master bedroom features the signature slate wall of the home with a large timber balcony that overlooks the sea. The lightly coloured timber decking and matching railing bring warmth to the space, working in contrast to the blues and greys of the indoor rug, house facade, outdoor chairs and even the sliding doors. These floor-to-ceiling doors maximise the panoramic view, bringing the outdoors in. A definite colour theme is continued indoors and out, with the repetition of pastel pink and white on the interior walls and ceiling, and outdoors on the trendy side tables.

Just steps away, the outdoor area is complete with an entertaining spot, manicured lawn and pool. It is from this perspective that you can truly appreciate the electricity and character captured within the home. This theme continues to the ground floor, where attention to detail is paramount. The warm timber decking around the pool area is complemented by the outdoor dining tables, rattan baskets used for storing towels and, to the side of the house, the unique latte pole pergola.

The inclusion of light-blue gumball ottomans not only mirrors the tones of the pool they sit beside, but also creates a casual and welcoming feeling in the outdoor living area. In keeping with the abundance of slate used in the interiors, the outdoors feature bluestone pavers, charcoal cushions and even a slate-topped coffee table. The bluestone pavers in the pergola area have been laid in random patterns, adding a modern twist to the space.

Simple yet sophisticated, but homely and elegant, the Y House exemplifies a modern approach to a coastal getaway, juxtaposing a town identified by tradition with a design approach that is nothing short of unique.