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O’Shea and Sons Builders has taken on this large campaign in an effort to not only provide a platform to promote our suppliers and trades peoples, but to elevate the position of O’Shea to that of a thought leader and educator in our community.

To promote our missions of livability universal housing and sustainability for not just the greater Queensland Market, but the Australian Build Audience as a whole.

In presentation and collaboration with James Hardie, as our principal partner, we are also grateful for the keen and active partnership with The Build & Design Centre, Mitre 10 Mega Beenleigh and Joanna Kane from Merge Interior Designs.

We are here to introduce you to a series of videos and podcasts which will help you better understand your build journey. We are going to show you some behind the scenes interactions that we have with our suppliers, our tradespeople, our designers and you can come through as well and get a good touch and feel and understanding of the products and their use in building.

The series aims to provide you with a closer look into the journey of the building experience. You’ll learn more about products used, their application and some behind the scenes interactions.

To kick start, we are here at the Build and Design Centre, South Brisbane. This is a great facility and one which we visit regularly. We participate in professional development sessions we also lead and facilitate consumer seminars which give us the opportunity to share our knowledge and provide inspiration to those interested.

Feel free to get in touch if we can help out with your new build or renovation, we’ve love to have a chat.

This series is presented & Sponsored by O’Shea & Sons Builders and James Hardie in partnership with the amazing team at the Brisbane Build and Design Centre and Mitre10 Mega Beenleigh. Thank you so much for all of your support. You can come on this journey with us on Youtube (like and subscribe!), here on our Socials and you listen to our new podcast! That’s right, O’Shea and Sons Builders has a podcast!

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