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Timber is the ultimate renewable resource. Weathertex products are Australian owned with a better than zero carbon footprint, environmentally sensitive and in touch with today’s industrial standards, for a cleaner environment.

We have a very unique manufacturing process and the only product of its kind in the world, containing absolutely no artificial silicas, glues, resins, or formaldehydes. Being completely safe during installation and throughout its long life, Weathetexzt ticks all the boxes.

All Weathertex products are manufactured using waste timber, PEFC certified from State Forests. No old growth hardwood is ever used, so there’s minimal environmental impact and avoids depletion of natural resources.


Made in Australia: Family owned and manufactured in the Hunter region, NSW since 1939.

Trusted: Weathertex voted #1 MOST TRUSTED brand in the building industry by Architecture & Design latest survey. Won SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR in the Australian Construction Awards.

Sustainable: Better than zero carbon footprint – with Third-Party Credentials – GreenTag certification, PhD, PEFC. Low embodied energy.

Durable: Termite Resistant. Warranty tried and tested not to rot, split or crack for up to 25 years. The Natural range is the only timber product in the market to provide a 10-year warranty. 100kg/m3 product density with a minimum 32MPa rating. Watertight – mechanical flashing and joining accessories mean that sealant control joints are seldom required.

Safe: Low VOC. meets Australian Building Standards. 100% natural product. CodeMark Australia certified – Weathergroove and Selflok. No silica, glues, resins, or formaldehydes.

Stylish Choices: A wide selection of profiles available in various styles, textures and sizes. Easy to incorporate the natural with primed profiles together to offer multiple design options. Curved walls can be achieved down to a minimum of 2.5m radius for Selflok and 7m for Weathergroove.

Value for Money: No special tools are required for cutting. Large panels and lower wastage costs on Weathergroove Range.

Quick and Easy Installation: Larger panels for quick installation. 9.5mm thickness and matching accessories across all products making it easier to mix multiple profiles within a project. Easier to paint than other materials on the market due to its smoother surface.

Sustainability & Manufacturing

Timber is the ultimate renewable resource and all Weathertex products are made from 97% hardwood and 3% paraffin wax. Weathertex primed products are finished with a water-based lead-free acrylic primer. All Weathertex boards are manufactured using waste timber sources from Australian, PEFC-Certified harvesters. No old growth hardwood is ever used, os there’s minimal environmental impact and the depletion of natural resources is avoided. Weathertex is the only product of its kind in the world to contain absolutely no artificial glues or binders.

No toxic or polluting chemicals are required when making Weathertex products. The manufacturing process of all Weathertex products minimises waste through resource recovery systems. This includes creating compost, using the offcut board as fuel, creating briquettes and using it as packaging. Weathertex’s on-site water management system is unique and highly sustainable, it reduces water usage by ensuring processed water is treated and recycled. Weathertex has a BETTER THAN ZERO carbon footprint – making it a sustainable choice!

Like most timber products, Weathertex can be reused/repurposed for various usages. – other construction applications, recycled into packaging, used as fuel or turned into compost. Even in landfills, Weathertex does not rot/break down, so the carbon stored in it will remain contained indefinitely.


More carbon is stored in the timber used to make Weathertex than is produced during its manufacture, which is why it has a better than zero carbon footprint. In this regard, Weathertex is unmatched at this price-point making it the natural choice in the changing global environment.

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