Feature of The Build and Design Centre (BADC)

We need to take a moment to shoutout to one of our partners for “The Journey Home” – The Brisbane Build and Design Centre.

In this video, Charl from the BADC talks about the inspiration and purpose of this deluxe selection centre, that is made to assist trades and homeowners alike, creating a space for the experts of these industry leading brands to give the best advice you could ask for any build project you have, big or small. Here at O’Shea and Sons Builders, we always make a point to stop into the BADC for every build we start, to explore the best and latest options for our clients. 

Welcome to the Building and Design Centre, this has been 10-year labour of love for us. We wanted to create, if you like, the David Jones of the building industry. We have assembled 50 of Australia’s industry-leading building products manufacturers and suppliers all under one roof.

And the purpose of the centre then is anyone who is building, renovating or extending a home to find everything they need for their project under one roof. The beauty is we are open seven days a week with free parking located underneath the building. And really, it becomes a selection centre, so what we have is people like O’Shea & Sons, builders like that who use the centre for their clients to do their selections. But also there for architects and consumers as a resource so you can build, touch, and feel anything you need for your project.

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