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Clarendon’s clever Bayside 41 features an Internal Granny Flat

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Traditionally, when somebody mentions a ‘Granny Flat’, one imagines a smaller freestanding, fully self-contained residence that sits to the rear of a larger primary residence. And Clarendon Homes certainly builds popular one and two bedroom Granny Flats just like these, for people who are looking to have extra family space, additional income or simply a flexible multipurpose retreat.

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However, Clarendon Homes has extended their Granny Flat range with something completely innovative and different – an Internal Granny Flat. So what is that exactly? Well, like a traditional Granny Flat, it’s a self-contained living space. However, this Granny Flat is under the same roof as the house (in this instance, Clarendon’s Internal Granny Flat is on display within the Bayside 41 at the Clarendon Super Centre at Parklea).

Currently, Internal Granny Flats are available on 14 Clarendon home designs, including some of their most popular designs like the Sheridan, the Madison and the Oceanside. An Internal Granny Flat is located on the ground floor of the two storey home design it’s built within. It includes a private kitchen with ample cupboard space, a bedroom with modern ensuite and an open-plan living area.


Importantly, these Internal Granny Flats have their own entrance, with a sliding door onto a patio area allowing for independence and privacy for whomever occupies the space. There is also a connecting inside door to the rest of the home allowing for the opportunity to bring the family together when desired.


This clever floorplan option really allows a family to future-proof their new Clarendon home, because as we all know too well, families grow and needs change. If a family may potentially need a space for elderly parents, older kids still living at home, or just a separate living space for other relatives or perhaps overseas visitors, an Internal Granny Flat is as clever as it gets.

The Bayside 41 with its Internal Granny Flat is one of Clarendon’s newest display homes in the 13 home-strong ‘mini-neighbourhood’ they have created at their Super Centre at Parklea. Dressed toimpress with its coastal Pacific Facade and Sapphire level Inclusions, it’s a modern, bright and breezy home you’ll love.


The stats for the Bayside 41 are impressive too – 6 living areas, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a double garage for 2 family cars. There is a spacious alfresco with a BBQ and grand rumpus out the back for plenty of relaxed summertime family living. The Bayside 41 also features a study downstairs, while upstairs are 4 bedrooms and a leisure room. The Bayside 41 fits blocks from 14.5m wide and could be a perfect Knockdown Rebuild if you’re thinking of exploring this option.
Come and walk through the Bayside 41 with Internal Granny Flat at the Clarendon Super Centre, which is located on Clarendon Drive, Parklea, opposite Parklea Markets and open 7 days from 10am to 5pm. Clarendon also has another 9 display centres across NSW that can be found here: https://www.clarendon.com.au/nsw/display-home-locations. With over 40 home designs, there’s sure to be one that’s right for your family.


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