Out of the square: Modern, spacious design


A family home gets a modern twist with clean lines, wide open spaces and a touch of luxury

A vacant block of land presents the opportunity to create something special without any of the hindrances that occur when a pre-existing structure lies in the way of your new abode. And that’s exactly what this Bella Vista, Sydney, home was afforded.

In a typical family residence, occupants tend to live on top of each other and spaces are filled to the brim. This modern take on a family home prioritises space, and there’s plenty of it for a couple with two young children.

Beginning from scratch, there was a considerable amount of work to be completed, including a cinema, multi-car garage, courtyard, living and kitchen area, laundry, lounge room, dining room, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Luckily, they were able to avoid calamities along the way. “There were no obstacles,” admits Nino.

The brief focused on the creation of a sleek space, so a neutral colour palette was used to complement the open nature of the home. Furnishings in beige and brown with hints of silver and marble exude a calming atmosphere throughout. A timber floating staircase introduces an organic element into the home, serving as a feature of the house. The staircase also provides a view of the landscaped garden and pool, which includes a spa and cabana-style structure where swimmers can escape from the hot summer sun.

Boasting gardens overflowing with green foliage, this home offers the family the perfect weekend escape to enjoy time outside together, as well as many private nooks where each person can relax and unwind. What more could you want from a family home?

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Photography by Marian Riabic

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