Setting up Strong Foundations with Hyne Timber

Every O’Shea home starts with strong foundations – both in design and purpose, and importantly, in materials.

In this episode of The Journey Home Series, Nick is talking with Wayne from Hyne Timber about why a Hyne Timber Frame for your home is not only the best option for your build, but the best option for the environment and community!


It’s time for a new Episode of The Journey Home Series! Today, Nick O’Shea and Wayne from Hyne Timber are chatting about why Hyne Timber Frames in a new home are the best option available. One of Australia’s oldest companies, Hyne began in 1882, with a humble Saw Mill on the Banks of the Murray River. Flash forward to today, and Hyne is still proudly Australian owned and operated, employing over 200 Aussies and supplying quality timber supplies all over the country. Their products are not just technically the best on the market – they’re sustainable and ethical! That’s why O’Shea always comes back to Hyne for every new build we get on the books!

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