Bring the indoors out with a retractable terrace Enclosure


Take the comfort of the indoors out and maximise the useable area of your home with a retractable terrace enclosure.

For many of us, the home terrace or patio is a safe haven, a place to escape and enjoy some personal space. Unfortunately, Mother Nature regularly has other plans for us. If you’re sick of your morning coffee routine being interrupted by the cold wind, the solution is simple: a retractable terrace enclosure.

Get more time from your outdoor area

A retractable enclosure means you can shield yourself from the elements without sacrificing the feeling of the sun on your skin when the weather permits. Attached to a retaining wall, or other structure, a retractable terrace enclosure can be opened or closed by the click of a button. Say goodbye to the pesky Mossies’ ruining your sundowners and say hello to temperature control and protection.

Bring the indoors out with a retractable terrace Enclosure

Bang for your buck

Our favourite feature of the TPEC terrace enclosures is that their product range doesn’t require you to compromise your home’s style. Completely customizable to your preferences TPEC terrace enclosures will ensure you get the most out of your outdoor living space, all year round.

A retractable enclosure is a long-term investment, reducing energy expenses and maintenance costs. During the day, natural light will warm up the enclosure and retain the heat for when the nighttime chill sets in.

Bring the indoors out with a retractable terrace Enclosure


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