Cabanas: Bringing the outdoors in


Consider a cabana to seamlessly integrate your outdoor and indoor living and entertaining

Imagine turning your outdoor space into a stunning personal oasis, an escape from the hectic pace of life. Imagine if that space could instantly transform from a place of solitude to an entertainer’s dream. A cabana designed by award-winning A Total Concept Landscape Architects may be the answer to seamlessly integrating your outdoor and indoor spaces.

Cabanas are becoming all the rage for the home development market, allowing diverse uses, cabanas can be a family entertaining space with pool table and flat screen TV, a space for family weekend barbecues, a guest bedroom separate to the house or perhaps for teenage sleepovers, an art or yoga studio, gym or pool cabana, a family study or a home office.

“For many years, we have been requested to design and integrate the cabanas, pools and gardens of our client’s properties” says John Storch, principal of A Total Concept Landscape Architects. “And more recently, many clients are looking to put in cabanas and outdoor rooms as standalone items for the purposes of adding another use to their external spaces.”

Cabanas may range from a simple shade structure where one can quietly read a book, to an elaborate building incorporating a luxurious bathroom with toilet, shower, bath and basin, kitchenette facilities, barbecue, stove, cupboards and sink, plus with daybeds for relaxation and tables and chairs for entertaining.

John has found that the ideal design size of a Cabana that allows for all the mod cons in the one room should not be smaller than 5000mm x 4000mm and should not exceed 8000mm². These dimensions are based on comfortable architectural design measurements for a single room, such as a lounge or living room, and general space available on a typical property. As with any structure, it is important the cabana does not totally dominate the space into which it is to be placed, so the size of the cabana relative to the property size is important. Bathrooms and change rooms can be in addition to these sizes and can be hidden from the bulk of the structure.

“Generally, an approval from local council will be needed for construction of this nature. Be sure to check local authority requirements and engage a professional who specialises in this area,” advises John. “A cabana is an important addition to your property and you want to be sure it’s absolutely perfect for your lifestyle and adds value to your property.”

Whatever your needs for an indoor/outdoor structure, there is one thing for certain, the boundaries between the outdoor and indoor areas will continue to merge and fuse as block sizes continue to shrink and we try to get more and more value and use out of our properties.

A Total Concept provides a personal high-quality service and can prepare an individual creative design solution integrating the cabana, pool and garden. The team at A Total Concept can also obtain the necessary approvals, prepare details and specifications and then organise for the construction of the total project for you.

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Originally from Outdoor Rooms magazine, Volume 22

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