Change your lifestyle without changing your address with Apollo Patios


Changing the way you live does not mean having to go through the hassle of moving to a new home; Instead try Apollo Patios

Take advantage of the opportunity to invest in an Apollo® Patios outdoor home addition to add additional living space to your existing property. Changing your home and lifestyle with one easy investment.

Lyn Skews from Apollo Patios says “When our customers see how we transform their outdoor space into another area for living they are absolutely amazed and that provides us with a tremendous amount of satisfaction”.

“We know from experience our customers have definite ideas for the design and colour combinations of their new home addition. We listen closely to our customers ideas and with the assistance of our experienced team of designers (a design service provided free of charge by Apollo®); help create their new home addition.”

Apollo® will also complete the necessary standard plans and submit to council for approval making the entire process as streamlined and painless as possible for customers.

If you need more room for living call Apollo Patios for a free design consultation.

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