Bella Jar Sand
Bella Jar Sand

Curved & earthy pots by Martin Kellock Pots and Planters


If you need curvaceous pots for your projects, Martin Kellock Pots and Planters have some new arrivals to satisfy well-rounded tastes. They bring soft, earthy qualities to complement your designs. Also, Curves always work well in relaxed garden designs. These pots can echo the contour of a meandering pathway or a generously curved garden bed.

The Vietnamese Glazed Sand Bella Jar is a high-fired ceramic pot in a sand glaze finish that epitomises understated sophistication. The Bella Jar’s soft white glaze and pleasing curves are perfectly suited to both contemporary and classic garden designs. Use this in a white-inspired design, or as a stand-alone statement piece to contrast the surrounding landscape and architecture. Standing 80cm high, the Bella Jar can be converted to a water feature for tranquil ambiance.

The handmade Thai Limestone Copper Barrel Pot comes in a beautiful aged limestone copper finish which lends a rustic, earthy feel. This pot is fired in a low-temperature kiln which can display non-structural firing cracks. Then, they are hand finished. This enhances the aged look, making this piece a lovely accent for a range of designs, from cottage gardens to contemporary and industrial landscapes.

Furthermore, appearing as if it has been salvaged from the sea, the Atlantis Opium Jar is a unique piece that will be the making of any garden design. The toasted shade of the glaze gives an interesting texture and depth. This piece is frost resistant and suitable as a flowing water feature.


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