Decking delights in Doreen: an alfresco marvel


This new home in Doreen Victoria is a typical modern design that includes a small but functional alfresco area

The owners were keen to remove the potential tripping hazard created by the step down between the family room and the alfresco area as well as improving the look and utility of the space by building a deck over the ugly concrete floor.

The existing step of 170mm between the concrete alfresco floor and the bottom of the door sill was an awkward height that was not high enough for a traditional timber deck frame but too high for simply laying battens over the concrete. To make matters worse the builder had not sloped the concrete properly so that the deck frame required different levels for all the supporting joists that made up the frame.

Futurewood CleverDeck Xtreme composite timber decking installed on a hybrid version of their low sub frame decking system featuring 30mm-60mm adjustable height pedestals provided the answer.

As you can see from the attached images the deck frame is made up of the Futurewood 30mm-60mm adjustable pedestal and standard 90mm x 45mm treated pine joists. This enabled a low cost and efficient sub frame that could span the 170mm required to have the deck boards butt up seamlessly against the sliding door sills.

The adjustable pedestals were also the perfect solution to offset the more than 25mm of fall on one side of the alfresco floor. The ability to use the pedestals in this instance cut the labour time dramatically, instead of cutting extra timber to counter the fall.

The builder was suitably impressed and commented “it was easy to screw the pedestals up or down to achieve a level joist surface allowing the decking to sit perfectly against the door sills”.

The owners were amazed at how simply and quickly the deck was installed and very impressed with the flexibility of the sub frame materials. The fast installation, combined with the great value of the quality Futurewood CleverDeck Xtreme composite timber decking, made the whole project so cost effective. Even more impressive however was the look of the finished deck that has transformed the space and provided a stunning, easy clean external meals area with no visible nails or screws that has been the talking point with all of the visitors checking out their new home.

Apart from the look and easy clean nature of Futurewood’s CleverDeck Xtreme composite timber decking there was one final approval required by the youngest member of the family and judging by the look on his face it was a massive hit!

Decking delights in Doreen: an alfresco marvel

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