Point of interest: decorating your space with laser cut concepts


There are endless opportunities for decorative laser cut concepts as a way to add creative interest and intrigue, both internally and externally

Urban Design Systems (UDS) creates its own unique range of decorative laser cut concepts including laser cut screening designs, sculptures and other garden elements.
UDS laser-cut concepts can be applied in many forms for both commercial and residential applications and the company works in consultation with architects, designers and developers or direct with residential clients.

UDS is passionate about good design and is driven to create designs and products that can add intrinsic value to a project. It offers a selection of robust materials and finishes to create the look you want for your project, so add colour to your space with painted aluminium, enjoy the visual warmth and texture of timber-grained Weathertex, or appreciate the earthy and rustic elegance of weathered steel.

Screening and fencing

Laser cut concepts, such as laser cut screening, offers a creative alternative to the conventional fencing options available and can be used for stunning privacy feature walls, focal spaces, and even outdoor rooms within a garden. Screening can also be an effective way to hide or disguise service areas and is a stylish solution for providing valuable privacy for a property.
Decorative laser-cut screening offers a unique way of covering windows or door frames, whether to block unsightly views, increase privacy, or create intrigue with shadow effects. Internally, laser-cut screens work well as creative room dividers.

As well as conventional two-dimensional cutting, UDS creates three-dimensional designs which offer a real sculptural element to a two-dimensional panel. Due to the minimal cut-out density, three-dimensional designs provide almost complete blockout.

Decorative gates

Decorative laser cutting is a modern way to create a striking entrance to a property, ensuring a stylish first impression for your home. Whether for mechanical sliding or hinged gates, UDS can provide all-aluminium or steel, or steel and timber-framed units, helping to create a statement piece for your property.

Feature artwork

Decorative laser cut cutting can be used for stunning feature artwork to help add ambience and atmosphere to a space.

Feature lighting artwork

Patterned designs take on a whole new life when back-lit, whether by natural light or with controlled LED lighting, and can really transform an environment where they are used. The complexity of each design determines the amount of light filtered into an area so can be used cleverly to create shade in a space.

Sculptures and garden elements

UDS flora and fauna laser-cut weathered steel sculptures make focal statements within a landscape design, or create a sense of curiosity by punctuating your gardenscape with hidden sculptural works.

Add height, shape and texture to your garden with off-the-shelf and custom-made planter troughs, or add some warmth to your space with firepits and log holders.

Talk to UDS staff about special or custom products. With the ability to custom fabricate, UDS is able to deliver a variety of options and solutions and is always happy to help create. As well as offering standard designs, UDS also provides a customised design service and will custom-cut all jobs to suit exact project requirements. The company is based in NSW but has direct supply through licensed manufacturers interstate.

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