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Gardens tailor-made to meet your family’s lifestyle needs now and into the future

Sometimes, good design can seem an ephemeral thing. One minute, the style gurus are telling us we should be having fun with bold, bright accent colours; the next, they’re telling us to go organic and neutral. One season, spiky architectural plants are in vogue; the next, we’re looking for softer, wispier foliage effects … but that is fashion, not design. A well-designed garden is one with good “bones” and a true sense of place. It fits seamlessly and easily into its surroundings (and this includes the wider environment, not just the house), it makes the most of its assets and minimises its faults, it complements the lifestyle needs of the people who will be using it, and it is respectful of Mother Nature, employing sound sustainable principles in its design and the selection of plants and materials.

Although a well-designed garden looks as if its creation was close to effortless, a great deal of knowledge (of soils, plants, materials etc) is required to create a garden that is practical, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. For the best result — a garden that will suit your family’s needs both now and into the future — you really need professional guidance and expertise.

Iconic Landscaping is a Sydney-based company that provides design, construction and maintenance services, which means the experienced team can take you through the entire garden-making process. Company director, Nathan Boutros, says: “We specialise in blended outdoor-indoor living that takes into consideration family dynamics, individual preferences and surrounding habitat. At Iconic Landscaping, we take great pride in ensuring that we combine style, function and form when creating the garden of your dreams. True to our belief that we must work in harmony with the environment, we design our gardens to be both ecologically friendly and environmentally sustainable, regardless of size.”

Iconic Landscaping has experience in both small and large residential garden design and construction, and has earned a reputation for delivering each project on time, on budget and to specification. The company also employs a thorough consultative process.

“Our ability to individualise each garden by taking into consideration the family’s needs and wants, the architectural style of the house, as well as the specifics of the site itself, enables our team to deliver quality results,” says Nathan.

“By tailoring each garden in this way, we ensure that our clients will want to use their outdoor living areas and spend time in their gardens.”

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