Fresco Aurora: outdoor heating radiance

Fresco Aurora: outdoor heating radiance
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Transform your outdoor space with the Fresco Aurora, which combines radiant warmth with mood and task lighting to create an enviable ambience all year-round

Fresco’s innovative Halo Heat technology delivers the optimal level of warmth rapidly. Its radiant heat is evenly distributed and does not penetrate the skin, so you and your guests can sit in complete comfort for longer periods of time. Its 2000-watt carbon-fibre medium-wave infrared lamps also make efficient use of electricity by focusing most of their energy on generating warmth.

The addition of task and mood lighting makes Fresco Aurora the ultimate outdoor entertaining appliance. You can choose from functional lighting or an evocative glow in a range of colours when it’s time to change the mood.

Designed to be suspended from flat or gabled roofs, Fresco Aurora will transform your outdoors into a cosy, ambient space in any season.

Fresco Aurora Specs:

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