Greenery as garden railings


Avoid a fussy garden look by using living and green barriers in your outdoor area

Raspberry FountainHR
Imagine growing Raspberry Fountain along the edge of your deck to soften the change in levels.

Gardens with different levels can start to look a bit fussy if you build railings wherever there’s a break between each variation in height. The classic scenario is the paved patio or deck which sits at knee height above the garden below. A railing here would be an eyesore, and an overkill in terms of safety (no-one’s likely to hurtle to their death falling 30cm). The solution is a barrier of something living and green – a little reminder not to stray too close to the edge.

And by green, we don’t necessarily mean green because one of the best candidates for the role of living garden railing is the Fountain Cordyline. It comes in three gorgeous over-the-top colours – Raspberry, Burgundy and Lime – and it grows into a metre high cascade of strappy foliage from a basal clump that’s thick enough to define the edge and soft enough to catch anyone silly enough to step backwards without thinking.

Burgundy Fountain plant
Here Red Fountain Cordyline spills over the edge of a patio forming a living railing.

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