A guide to directing garden traffic

Redirect foot traffic in your garden by utilising beautiful, barrier-row plants

Pacific Sunset plant
Use stand-out plants, like this coprosma hedge of Pacific Sunset, to stop people taking short-cuts in the garden.

Sometimes the best laid paths just don’t seem to be able to attract the foot traffic. Maybe there’s some confusion over how to get to your front door, or perhaps people are just lazy and like to take short cuts. The result can be a dirt goat-track running through your garden or lawn where you’d really rather a bed full of un-trampled flowers or a lush green sward. Happily the solution is an easy one. Plant a barrier-row of plants and watch all but the most determined tramplers be re-directed back onto the paved path.

Again, the success of this move is in the plant selection. You need something that people notice simply because once noticed, it’s hard to ignore and step over. You also need something that has the capacity to form a barrier that’s wide enough and high enough to make things awkward. There are two terrific coprosmas out there called Pacific Sunrise and Pacific Sunset (one’s more pink and the other’s more red) and they are showstoppers. They’ll grow to the prerequisite height and width (about one metre is enough of a deterrent) and best of all, they are easy-to-grow, tough cookies so that you won’t get some of the plants dying off and leaving you with gaps in your barrier.

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