An instant fix for messy garden beds


Garden edging plants will ensure that your outdoor area is neat and tidy – and looks great

garden bed
The messy garden in the background has been sorted with the punchy edging of Storm agapanthus along the front.

We’ve all had this problem – the garden is full of beautiful plants but it’s become messy as a result. All home-gardener or landscaped-designed garden have this problem, because it’s all about the plants reaching an age where they loosen up a little, the result of which is a landscape that has lost its planned structure and balance. There are lots of complex ways to pull everything back onto line, but the easiest of all is to add in a border.

It’s simple — plant a row of lovely plants along the front of the bed and everything else – no matter how unruly – will look fantastic again. Of course you need the right type of plant. Something that’s not too tall, something that can look after itself and if it has flowers, that’s even better. Something like Storm agapanthus. If you plant them closely they’ll quickly form an unbroken edging of strappy foliage. Then in late spring you’ll have dancing heads of blue flowers for weeks and weeks. There is a white version available as well, but whatever the colour, a repetitive planting is a great addition to any messy garden simply because it tends to tie things together.

snowstorm plant
Snowstorm agapanthus is a gorgeous suggestion for an edging planting

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