This kitchen embraces a 1970s home’s personality, charm and character


A renovation can often be a great time to throw out the old and bring in the new, however that was not the case for this 1970’s home make-over

Embracing the original furniture and elements was high on the list of priorities, and with good reason; we all know they can hold many memories of family gatherings and precious moments. With this key factor and making use of all storage opportunities, the owner integrated the new kitchen beautifully.

The deep rich wall colour throughout the adjoining rooms flows into the kitchen cabinets linking the spaces together. Staron Solid Surface in Supreme Beige Granite gives visual relief between the textured woodgrain upper layers and the simple dark melamine base cabinets. A compost bin was integrated into the benchtop for ease of clean up. Staron delivers a durable surface and a no fuss solution, with the ability to easily wipe food scraps from the bench into the compost bin.

Sliding and overhead cabinets surround the cooktop and provide ample storage, with easy access to many pantry items for meal preparation. Additionally, tucked away but still at easy reach, are the more commonly used appliances hiding behind bi-fold doors.

Staron also flows from the kitchen benchtop into the dining room and is incorporated into another display cabinet feature. This space can be utilised as an overflow counter when entertaining.

The new kitchen blends perfectly with the eclectic collection of personal treasures and achieves a relaxed feel for all that enter.

Design by Sally Hart (Clever Closet Company)

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