How an outdoor kitchen can transform a ‘foodie’ into the ultimate entertaining foodie


For so many Australians, food has become a way of life. Sourcing beautiful local produce, scouring cooking shows and recipe books for the perfect pairing, and embracing the preparation and consumption of a meal as a ceremony, has resulted in a whole new ‘foodie’ movement

But for many, being a foodie doesn’t just involve a love affair with the ingredients. It means living and breathing good quality meals and that means the tools of the trade too. Transcending the old methods of family meal prep whereby simply ‘throwing some meat on the grill’ was acceptable, many clever Aussies have recognised the enormous benefits of an outdoor kitchen.

SustainaPod by VerdeLife’s premium quality, modular outdoor kitchens have boomed in popularity, with foodie customers, testifying to the fact that a quality outdoor kitchen, designed for a chef, greatly improves the quality and enjoyment of entertaining.

Designed with the Australian foodie in mind, the SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchen Range is hand crafted exclusively for the Weber Range of Sit On and Built In barbecues and is sized to fit perfectly on any patio, balcony or outdoor entertainment space. Bring your kitchen outdoors and create a warm, inviting and exciting hub to share good food with great company.

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