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Give shape and definition to your next garden project with strong yet flexible steel edging

When it comes to garden edging, you need a product that is strong, versatile and weather resistant — and you can’t get anything that fits the bill better than steel. Greenlines Gardenware’s FormBoss range of low-maintenance steel garden edging lets you be the boss of your own garden design.

Greenlines Gardenware offers a large array of easy-to-install domestic and commercial-grade steel edging solutions ranging from flush edges to 400mm-high retaining walls. You also have a choice of galvanised steel, ZAM (exclusive looking and ultra durable) or Corten steel (the latter boasting a weathered finish) and various gauges to ensure the edging is of the appropriate strength for your project.

FormBoss edging systems allow you to create curves and angles with ease and thanks to the rounded top edge and hidden stakes and connectors, the finished result is elegant and clean. For a fully coordinated look, ask about FormBoss tree rings and pre-made raised planter beds, which are ideal for vegie or herb gardens.

Once installed, FormBoss edging stays where it is put. It is strong and durable, making it ideal for everything from family gardens to commercial projects, and it comes with a 10-year replacement warranty.

So impressive is the FormBoss range that it is often chosen by leading Australian designers participating in the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. FormBoss edging has played a key role in many award-winning display gardens including the 2013 winner of Best in Show. In 2014, FormBoss edging featured in eight show gardens.

Greenlines Gardenware offers a full range of services, including free quotes, pre-curving of edging products and Australia-wide delivery. You can buy direct from the Melbourne factory or from one of the ever-increasing number of re-sellers popping up all over Australia.

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Originally from Outdoor Design and Living Volume 31

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