Low-maintenance metal garden edging


Create your own garden landscaping with strong and flexible steel FormBoss garden edging

When it comes to garden edging, you need a product that is strong and weather resistant, and you can’t get anything that fits the bill better than steel. Greenlines Gardenware’s metal garden edging, FormBoss™, has a patented rolled over top lip and is a low-maintenance solution that lets you be the boss of your own garden design.

Manufactured in Australia from steel, which is stronger than aluminium and other edging materials, FormBoss™ is available in three different finishes: galvanised, Corten or stainless steel. The rolled edges not only make this a safe product (stake connectors are hidden), they also allow ease of mowing.

FormBoss™ has a clean, simple design and is a breeze to install — no special tools are required. It comes in a range of heights, from 75mm to 580mm, which caters for all edging and retaining applications in your garden, and in lengths of 2.44m. This makes it easy to bring to life beautiful garden shapes and designs with uninterrupted clean lines.

FormBoss™ is rigorously factory tested for ultimate strength, durability and shaping ability. If you change your mind or alter your landscape design, FormBoss™ can be easily uninstalled, re-shaped and re-installed as needed. FormBoss™ easily withstands the rough activities associated with garden maintenance and day-to-day living. It has many applications in your garden and it is particularly good for preventing the new, hardier turf types and their roots from invading your garden beds.

With FormBoss™ you can edge garden paths and flower gardens, create raised vegetable beds or install a neat edging finish to your driveway. You can also use it for bitumen edging, defining dry creek beds, edging rooftop gardens, low retaining wall edging, water tank retaining walls or concrete formwork. Or, why not get creative and divide different surface materials, such as gravel or pebbles, to create an eye-catching design.

At the 2013 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, several award-winning display gardens used FormBoss™ garden edging to great effect. Three of the impressive gardens are showcased here.


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Originally from Backyard & Garden Design Ideas magazine, Volume 11 Issue 3

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